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Sunset Place- Traditional Signwriting exterior sign - Murals

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Traditional sign writing hand painted signs for Sunset Place

Item Sunset Place- Traditional Signwriting exterior sign
As seen in Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
We have over 40 years of service to the signwriting and signage industry. We have served a proper apprenticeship and have a trade diploma in the trade of Signwriting.

Mindy Designs is a traditional signwriting and signage company with over 40 years of dedicated service to the industry.

Our abilities include being able to signwrite onto most surfaces including walls, windows, banners, vehicles, rigid and flexible surfaces etc.

We are also able to update your school or recreational honours boards with gold leaf or gold paint.

We are also modern and offer digital printing and a vinyl cutting service as well as conventional screen printing services.

All our services are performed in-house and we take a completely hands on approach to everything that we manufacture.

If you ask why signwrite? Well signwriting is forever like great art and it has a warmer more personal feel as opposed to vinyl which is cold.

Support your local traditional signwriting and signage company, support us, we’ll make you feel at home.