Murals by Miles Lewis Murals seen at Private Residence - Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, Los Angeles - Benjamin Frankling Double Door Mural
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Item Benjamin Frankling Double Door Mural
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An image of Benjamin Franklin as a victorious ambassador, painted in black white, and a few colors on closet doors with a blue base coat.

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Miles Lewis Murals

Miles Lewis Murals

Los Angeles, CA

I'm your guy for drawing, line work, and black and white murals. I'm equally capable in color.

I'm an artist and educator who grew up in the San Fernando Valley. I've exhibited around the world as a printmaker and more locally as a painter and am finding my favorite professional expression in mural work. I've done a wide range of imagery from full abstraction to high realism and have found myself settling in the language of black and white drawing. It's a specialty that's easy to build on.

Available for commission/custom work