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Melinda Šefčić
Murals by Melinda Šefčić at A prison in Pozega, Požega - Exemplary Community
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Exemplary Community - Murals

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The mural Exemplary Community was created in the common room that gathers all the prisoners in one place and connects all their stories. This is where they spend their leisure time together watching television, listening to music, drawing, writing, creating handicrafts; crocheting, knitting and sewing. This is also the largest room on the second floor. My intention was to open up the space, fill it with colours and optimism, with the colourful shades of the life we live. Since this is the common room, and thus the combination of different characters who spend their leisure time in it, it was necessary to have in mind integrity and unification, as well as the balance between the wall surfaces and all the elements in this space.
I put a great emphasis on the colours and shades of the walls to make the room have the most positive impact on the mental, as well as physical aspect of the individual. I also adapted the wall colours to the spatial needs and conditions, but also to the concept of the work itself. This is why I painted the walls light yellow, light green, light purple and white.
I thought long and hard about the subject of the work. First I wanted to paint about 50 birds on a white wall, sitting on branches or flying around. I planned on executing this idea and sketch, up until I started the intervention. During the spatial arrangement I realised that the images of birds on a white wall, without some additional background, would seem empty. I changed the conceptual design on the spot and created a new sketch composed of big plant leaves in pastel and turquoise shades, of an utmost calming tonality, and I reduced the number of birds to 20. The images of birds symbolically represented nature and brought it into the space. Various types of birds are represented: cockatoo, parrot, hummingbird, tropical birds, etc. Birds represent the link between earth and sky, they are the symbol of the soul. Birds are the symbol of freedom, strength, perseverance, endurance and life. Plants that are part of the work symbolize the emergence of energy in all its different forms. As an expression of life, they are inseparably connected to water, air and sun, and thus they symbolize the energy of the sun that is indispensable in such spaces.
The prisoners actively participated in the process of interior redecoration and were of great help. This redecoration resulted in unification, which is a reflection of an exemplary community whose members mutually help and support each other. To be deprived of liberty does not necessarily mean to be deprived of humanity, it does not result in the loss of the need for beautiful and decorated, just as it does not result in the loss of the will to live and to belong. This is why my task and goal as an artist were to contribute to the well-being and improvement of the living space, as well as to encourage the prisoners to strive for a better and more exemplary life.

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Melinda Šefčić

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Melinda Šefčić was born on 30 May 1986. In 2010. she graduated at the undergraduate level of Painting (BA degree) and in 2012. she completed the graduate level of Painting (MA degree). In 2018. she completes her Ph.D. studies at Academy of Fine Art in Zagreb in the field „The Rehumanization and Reaestheticization of Hospital Space – an Example of Artistic Intervention in a Hospital Department “.
She has exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions, both in Croatia and abroad. Some of her solo exhibitions that stand out are 2019. “Introspection”, Gallery Vinko Perčić, Subotica, R. Srbija; 2017. "Mirror of my Soul", Theater aan het Vrijthof, TEFAF festivala, Masstrichtu, The Netherlands; 2016. Gallery Bačva, Croatian Association of Artists, Zagreb, Croatia; 2016. "Mirror identities", Gallery PRZYTYCK, Tarnogórskie Centrum Kultury in Tarnowskie Góry, Poland; 2015. "Carnival of two worlds", Gallery Vladimir Filakovac, KC Dubrava, Zagreb, Croatia, ... Some of the group exhibitions are: 2019. Biennale of painting, Gallery Prsten, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia; 2018. Biennale of illustration, Gallery Klovićevi Dvori, Zagreb, Croatia; 2017. Kulturoš, Gallery Scheier Cakovec, Čakovec, Croatia; 2016. 33. Youth Salon; Croatian Association of Artists, Zagreb, Croatia; 2015. "The Carnival of e-Creativity", (CeC), Shillong, Meghalaya, India: 2015. "The Carnival of e-Creativity", (CeC), Shillong, Meghalaya, India; 2014. International Festival of Contemporary Art, NUS, Live art scene, Split, Croatia; 2014. "3 minuti per 30 articoli", festival DeltArte, Rovigo, Italy; 2014. Global Art and Moving Images Awards, Cologne, Germany; 2013. "Video Art Supports", Web Art Center, Fonland, Coimbra, Portugal; 2013. Images contra nature, Videodrome Video Library “à la carte”, Théâtre des Chartreux, Marseille, France; 2013. Fonlad Digital art Festival, Coimbra, Portugal; 2013. What Art offers the Society, Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisabon, Portugal; 2013. CONFETISH at the Takis Katsoulidis Engraving Museum in Messini, Greece; 2013. Chios Photography Club, video festival, Chios, Greece; 2013. International festival of contemporary art, Multimedia Cultural Centre, Split, Cro.; 2012. La Soirée de Votanique, Athens, Greece; 2012. Liquid Identities, International Video Art Festival, and Photo Exhibition, Venice Italy; 2012. Festival Miden, an international video art festival based in Kalamata, Greece, ...
Since 2010. Melinda is the organizer of the Art Project C.R.T.A.; in 2016/2017. she was the author and organizer of the EU project CreArt 2017. (Croatian Association of Visual Artists - HDLU), „The Aestheticization and Rehumanization of Public Space: Art as Therapy “, in the University Hospital Centre Zagreb. In 2018. she was the author and organizer of the project " Exemplary prisonment" in collaboration of Croatian Association of Visual Artists (HDLU) and Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia, Women's Penitentiary in Požega, Croatia and in 2018/2019. she is the author and organizer of the EU project CreArt 2.0. (HDLU), “Revitalization of prison space with art“ in prison Remetinec in Zagreb and project „The Aestheticization and Rehumanization of hospital space“ in children hospitals in Zagreb.
In 2019/2020. She is painting 10 hospital environments in Zagreb hospitals; the project is founded by the Ministry of Culture of Croatia. An she is the author and organizer of the new project in 2020. “The horizon of freedom” Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia.
Melinda has participated in numerous art festivals and residencies such as GLO’ART (Global Art Center), as well as in scientific congresses and conferences. She is the author of many artworks in the public space in Croatia in Italy. In 2014. she got the 3rd place with video - "Mirror of my soul" to "3 minute per 30 articoli" festival DeltArte, Rovigo, Italy
Melinda is a member of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists; Croatian community of independent artists and the Member of the Board of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists since 2014.