Maxfield Bala

Murals by Maxfield Bala Creative seen at 209 Ten Mile Cir, Frisco - Maxfield Bala
Image credit: Maxfield Bala
209 Ten Mile Cir, Frisco, CO
Our mission was to create a series of interactive and eye opening mural paintings for Powerade and Woodward Camps in Tehachapi, Ca, Tahoe, Ca, Copper Mountain, Co, and Woodward, PA. Creating these inspiring wall mural based off the international "We're all Just a Kid From Somewhere" and "Fuel to Power Through" campaigns. Each mural was strategically placed at each Woodward location to ensure an interactive experience with professional and amateur action sports athletes. We used a series of branding graphics, city skylines, natural assets and animations to invoke the mural campaign ideals. Encapsulating the mural paintings in blue and grey tones to incorporate Powerade's color schemes. Mural paintings varied from 16' x 6' to 55' x 12' per location.


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