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Maureen Walsh
Murals by Maureen Walsh seen at Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh - Chromatic Passage

Chromatic Passage

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Chromatic Passage is inspired by the magic and intricacy of nature, the interconnected web of consciousness and the depth and mystery of the ocean and its inhabitants, in particular the octopus.
The majority of an octopus’ neurons reside in their eight arms, which can independently taste and touch and also control basic motions without input from the brain. The octopus lives outside the usual body/brain divide, as it is not clear where the brain itself begins and ends. Octopuses are also one of the few animals in nature that can change color in the blink of an eye. Not only can they change their coloring, but also the texture of their skin to match rocks, corals and other items nearby. This piece is a celebration of the fascinating creature belonging to the deep sea.

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Maureen Walsh

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My work is inspired by my meditation practice, intuition, the magic and intricacy of nature, sacred geometry and the healing power of the ocean.

Maureen Walsh is an international visionary artist + healer. She uses the practices of meditation and yoga to create expansive, large scale works of art. She is inspired by nature, travel and her meditation practice. She is a trained yoga/meditation teacher as well as a cranio-sacral therapist and she uses these disciplines to infuse her work with creativity, healing, light and love. She silently chants healing mantras when creating to share healing vibrations with all those that encounter her work.