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Mark Elder
Murals by Mark Elder seen at DePaul University, Belden and Sheffield, Chicago IL, Chicago - The Story of the Little School Under the ‘L’, Under the ‘L’

The Story of the Little School Under the ‘L’, Under the ‘L’

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Murals on DePaul history, prominent people and events.

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Mark Elder

Meet the Creator

"As a child, Mark Elder had familiar boyhood dreams of what he wanted to be. A professional baseball player, perhaps. Certainly, a Marine fighter pilot like his dad. But life takes its own turns, and Mark Elder is not only a member of the Congregation of the Mission (the Vincentians) but a highly respected instructor of art, university public art coordinator at Chicago’s DePaul University, and creator of some of the most striking murals in the United States and elsewhere."

"These being postmodern times in contemporary art, I am free to explore Art that reflects Platonic or Aristotelian thinking in philosophy. I have chosen Aristotelian because of my commitment for serving people. This means that every viewer must have some access to the meaning of the piece. At times, I will use Abstract platonic thinking, but only as a basis to construct the narrative/figurative pieces that come from my love of storytelling." - Brother Mark Elder CM