Murals by Leon Loucheur seen at 18th and Cabrillo, Argonne Elementary School, Richmond District, San Francisco - Argonne Blue Jay

Argonne Blue Jay

Found at Argonne Elementary School, this piece reflects the local ecology of nearby Golden Gate Park. It is meant to inspire kids to be more aware of the abundant wildlife that surrounds them, even in an urban environment.
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Meet the Creator

"Leon Loucheur is a San Francisco based artist who specializes in murals and acrylic fine art painting. Leon’s compositions are visual allegories, populated by creatures of the wild in various phases of deconstruction and remix. The work combines elements of counterpoint, and touches on universal themes through the juxtaposition of two worlds: one wild, one manicured. It is the layering of these influences that form the core of Leon's work, the prose of imagery composed in a contemporary, proverbial narrative."

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