Murals by Kiki Carrillo seen at Farmers & Distillers, Washington - Georgie Distills
Murals by Kiki Carrillo seen at Farmers & Distillers, Washington - Georgie Distills
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Item Georgie Distills
Created by Kiki Carrillo
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Kiki Carrillo’s Georgie Distills is the showpiece in Framers & Distillers’ main dining room. This remarkable 36-foot painting details the history of distillation, as told through the ethereal essence of George Washington. The mural speaks to the spirit of the Farmers & Distillers concept, paying homage to the rich history of experimentation and acquired distillation knowledge that has culminated in the production of present-day spirits.

Carrillo approached the mural design as if it were a storybook, using color, symbolism, and hidden surprises to capture the viewer’s attention. The first indication of Carrillo’s playful touch? The mini George Washington figures tinkering about the piece. The dreamlike mural showcases familiar images, such as the iconic Athenaeum Portrait of Washington featured on our one dollar bill as well as his beloved Mount Vernon estate. It also provides enigmatic allusions to Washington’s spirit, such as the ominous eyes and the twinkling zodiac constellations. Botanicals used in the creation of various spirits, including those in our own distillery, anchor the base of the painting and at the horizon is Washington, D.C., as if viewed from the back porch of Mount Vernon.

This mural is the largest painting Carrillo has ever made. She painted the piece over the course of a year, working on one panel at a time in her Brooklyn studio. “Working with Farmers Restaurant Group has been an amazing, collaborative experience, albeit a gigantic one,” said Carrillo. “Seeing the mural installed in the restaurant is a dream come true. I love that there are so many details hidden within the piece. You can look at it over and over and keep discovering new secrets.”

Originally from Chevy Chase, MD, Carrillo is a fine artist and figurative painter now living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She began her study of oil painting at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and received her MFA from the New York Academy of Art. Kiki explores a subtle, humorous approach to representational forms and their stories. She feels that a piece of art is truly successful when it makes the viewer giggle.

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Kiki Carrillo

Kiki Carrillo

Brooklyn, NY

"Kiki Carrillo is a painter living and working in Brooklyn, New York ."

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