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Created and Sold by Kent Twitchell

Kent Twitchell

The Freeway Lady - Murals

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Kent Twitchell's iconic mural "The Old Woman of the Freeway" (or "Freeway Lady") (2015) came to Los Angeles Valley College after the original, which was painted near the Hollywood Freeway, was lost when it was painted over in 1986. After many years of trying to resurrect this iconic piece of Los Angeles public art, the LAVC Public Art Committee selected the repainting of Twitchell's "Freeway Lady" to be the first project on the campus.

Twitchell painted the "Freeway Lady" mural in 1974 to honor his grandmother, who lived in Hollywood. The real afghan modeled in the painting was handmade by his grandmother. He choose character actress Lillian Bronson (1902-1995), who reminded Twitchell of his grandmother, to be his model.

The well-known piece of Los Angeles mural art stood on the exterior wall of the Angeles Prince Hotel, which is next to the Hollywood Freeway. It stood for 12 years until it was tragically painted over by a billboard company in 1986.

The new version of the mural can be seen on the side of the college's Student Services Center.

Item The Freeway Lady
Created by Kent Twitchell