Murals by Kent Twitchell seen at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall, Los Angeles - We The People: Out of Many, One

We The People: Out of Many, One

“We The People: Out of Many, One" (12' x 60'; 2013) is a series od large scale murals celebrating the lost murals of Helen Lundeburg, which were originally painted in Patriotic Hall under the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1942.

The Lundeburg murals depicted "The Preamble to the Constitution," "Free Assembly " and "Free Ballot." Kent Twitchell, who redid these lost masterpieces, is known for his photorealist style, and approached this project as if he and Lundeberg were an artist team. The spirit of both Lundeberg's content as well as style is strongly represented in the finished artwork.

"We the People: Out of Many, One" has personal resonance for Twitchell, himself a Vietnam veteran. Honoring the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and service members’ commitment to preserving democracy, Twitchell used veterans, representing every U.S. tour of duty, as models for nearly all of the 36 figures in the murals.