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Created and Sold by KC Hall

KC Hall
"Raven Transformation" | Murals by KC Hall
Image credit: Gabriel Martins

"Raven Transformation" - Murals

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"Raven Transformation," a mutli coloured and multi walled by KC Hall which spans three surfaces at 75 W 5th Ave in Vancouver

Item "Raven Transformation"
Created by KC Hall
As seen in 75 W 5th Ave, Vancouver, Canada
KC Hall
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
KC Hall was born in Bella Bella, BC, and was raised in East Vancouver since he was two years old. He is the grandson of hereditary Chief Irene (Wakas) Brown. At a very young age, KC always had an interest in illustration. In high school, KC developed a passion for handwriting, lettering, and graffiti. After graduating from high school, he began creating work on a larger scale, including paintings and drawings. In February of 2012, KC studied with Nisga’a artist Robert Tait in the Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts Program at Native Education College in Vancouver, BC. The course inspired KC as an artist since he was introduced to Northwest Coast formline, and he instantly fell in love with the visual language. In 2016, KC designed and presented a blanket to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge while the royals were on a visit to BC. Currently, KC is creating work that combines both his style of graffiti and the art of his people and formline design, while still following the traditions of both intricate forms. In 2017, Lattimer Gallery hosted an exhibition titled Hálúɫ (Fresh) which featured the work of KC and fellow Heiltsuk artist Dean Hunt.