Murals by Juzpop Creations seen at GIGI Instyle, Hawthorn - Gigi Salon Counter Mural
Murals by Juzpop Creations seen at GIGI Instyle, Hawthorn - Gigi Salon Counter Mural
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Item Gigi Salon Counter Mural
Created by Juzpop Creations

Gigi Salon Counter Mural

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Art Deco-inspired interior mural, hand-painted for Gigi Instyle Australia in Hawthorn we did a couple of months back. Briefed to create a design that embodied an art deco aesthetic, a focus on hair featured on a woman from the heavens. Very excited about my latest design I’ve created for a second artwork we’re painting for the beauty level of Gigi Instyle Australia over the weekend, more gold and more waterfalls of hair, stay tuned!

Meet the Creator

Juzpop Creations

Juzpop Creations

Melbourne, Australia

Justine and Mark here, the couple behind Juzpop!​

We 're professional artists dedicated to bringing art and colour into the everyday life, to make this experience on earth a little more interesting!

Well really I'm the artist... (Justine), Mark is the all things business side of our operation,

I mean how many talented artists have you met that are as creative and masters of their craft as WELL as excellently organised businessman?

Yep together we're the full package, I know right, adorable, the creative and the analytical completing each other.

Mark does assist on each wall though, we hand paint all our murals with paint brushes, no spray cans or paint fumes here.

The best part of our job is getting to create new ambiences in spaces through our art, and witness how people interact with our murals over time.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism as artists, but we're also just your typical coffee lovin', brunchin' Melbournians.

We're usually moving around wether thats just within Melbourne or mural touring around Mexico, basically wherever we are always ready to create and paint!

Available for commission/custom work