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Created and Sold by John Park

John Park

Spirit Animal 2013 - Murals

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Artist John Park has technical and classical painting abilities but it's his whimsical, sometimes surreal, expressions of figures that make his works so captivating from afar. This mural at the Runnign Goose has people regularly stopping to contemplate the connection between its dreamy elements and real life.

Item Spirit Animal 2013
Created by John Park
John Park
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2017
Painter John Park's work is an attempt to reconcile classical influences with the more urban aesthetic of the New Contemporary art movement. He has a very precise, controlled hand however, signature to his style are element of surrealism and humanism. Park lives in Los Angeles but born in Korea and raised in Ohio. He studied classical drawing, painting, sculpture, and anatomy at the Rhode Island School of Design. During his studies, he made it a point to recreate a classic education for himself but, after earning his degree in illustration, broke away from the rigidity of classical figures.

Today, he uses all figures in his work with a twist: they're elongated and abstracted but recognizable. Park says, "Having narrative elements, especially human figures is what attracts people. People love people. We love our fellow human beings whether we want to admit it or not. We're fascinated by our fellow human beings. It's the one thing in art we will never ever tire of.