Murals by Made of Hagop seen at Playa Studios, Culver City - Mrs. Puffs

Mrs. Puffs

Mrs. Puffs is a custom totem that was created for the grand opening of Mophonics studios in Culver City.
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Meet the Creator

Hagop Belian is a mixed-media collage artist. His creatures are Totems that represent the merging of a human being with their spirit animal. He regards his creations as “medicine” offerings, as they are intended to bring healing and inspirational energy to the spaces that they adorn. The totems are unique and powerful and represent different cultures, race, and gender. These characters emerge as if they had always wanted to exist in the world and they demonstrate that we are all created from the same energy that unites us together as one global community. Hagop’s intention with the work is for people to recognize their own spirit and witness their strength of character reflected back to them.

Available for commission/custom work

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