Seeking The Treasure Map

Murals by Griffin One seen at Hotel Zetta, San Francisco - Seeking The Treasure Map
Seeking The Treasure Map mural in the stairwell of Hotel Zetta by Griffin One will take you to the other dimension. Get ready to be transported to a dimension of infinite stairwell once you encounter this fantastic work of Griffin. Griffin One is an artist of many mediums & themes, part Aerosol Muralist, Fine Artist & Digital Designer. The body of his work incorporates a fusion of elements from our modern technological age with motifs from the old world.
Interior Design By Dawson Design Associates

Meet the Creator

"An Oakland-based artist of many mediums & themes, Sean Griffin aka Griffin One is an aerosol muralist, fine artist, illustrator & designer. Whether it's through landscapes, character-driven pieces, or abstract works, each of his pieces is a dreamscape story somewhere between time, function, the familiar, and the unknown!

"I like to create my own Mythology with my work, whether the final artwork is illustrative, abstract & or character driven, each piece tells a unique dream-scape story somewhere between time, function, the familiar & unknown! The fusion of our modern technological age, embodied in design and form; counter-balanced with nature and elements of the Old World - are central themes that emerge in the majority of my work. Finding that unique balance of composition, & flow, Amongst the chaos - is what inspires me most!""

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