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Created and Sold by Golden Rabbit Silent Monkey

Golden Rabbit Silent Monkey
Monkey Steals Some Soup | Murals by Golden Rabbit Silent Monkey | Little Dipper Hot Pot- Falls Church in Falls Church
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Monkey Steals Some Soup - Murals

Featured In Little Dipper Hot Pot- Falls Church, Falls Church, VA

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Little Dipper Hot Pot House came up with its name by the ladle you use to eat its soup. It is also in reference to the constellation. So when the owner came to me to help him come up with a mural for his restaurant I started to research about Chinese constellations. I found out that in China the sky is divided into 4 sections: north, south, east, & west. Each is ruled by a mythological beast: Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, & Turtle. So I came up with a fun idea. I imagined a crater in space filled with soup and its toppings, the four beasts climbing up to have some, but disrupted by the famous Chinese Monkey King. I chose the Monkey King because many people know about his story, and his mischievousness in the mural would make people laugh.

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Golden Rabbit Silent Monkey
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My personal works are never planned nor premeditated, purely a moment-to-moment, free flow of all the things that dwell in my imagination.

Born in Maryland. Raised on Rhode Island. Henley is a self-taught artist that has been creating art since the age of 3. He would draw characters from my favorite cartoon shows as a child. Then, he started practicing a little graffiti as a teen. Afterward, he was drawn towards Japanese art & Buddhist imagery. As Henley practiced all of these subjects that make me happy, he would then come up with my own unique style of ballpoint pen art that captures it all. Now, he practices mural painting & digital art.