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Murals by Gina Kiel seen at Whanganui, Whanganui - Whanganui
Murals by Gina Kiel seen at Whanganui, Whanganui - Whanganui
Image credit: Huge thanks to @cracked ink and Shanti for such a good vibe at @whanganuiwalls and the best crew of volunteers 🙏 and artists @hayleywelsh @claire_foxton @elliotfrancisstewart @mrcinzah @heypatyeah @amokisland @jacob_chrisohoou_artist @crackedink ,my super talented mentoree @rainbowartist22 who smashed her first wall painting and my Mum who came and painted with me for a little bit with matching overalls 🕺🕺 Thanks to our sponsors @resenecolour @visitwhanganui @whanganuidc @whanganui_town_centre_regen @harrisonshiremaster


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It’s like daydreaming

reaching back into the abstract

faces with infinite ears do flips

changing form and back again in an accordion motion

while the very hungry caterpillar eats potato chips on string

happiness is a balance evolving constantly

as layers fuse together and layers fall away the caterpillar changes into the butterfly

It’s about letting go of the masks we wear

tunnels of memories fading in and out

my mother grew up in this place

then the UFO was seen

the aliens left a face made of stone in her garden

one eye follows you wherever you go

making ripples in the water

as autumn leaves dance down the Whanganui river

A describing poem for this piece made with the comments, conversations and interpretations of people, from the youngest child to the oldest woman, who watched and chatted with me and each other as I painted this piece.

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