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Gerard Pefung
Murals by Gerard Pefung seen at Pranam Yoga Shala, Omaha - Rainbow Elephant

Rainbow Elephant

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Gerard Pefung colorful mural of an Elephant in Omaha's Pranam Yoga Shala. Gerard Pefung draws upon the rich traditions and cultures of Africa and hip hop as inspiration, working mainly with paint and mixed media.

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Gerard Pefung

Meet the Creator

Gerard Pefung is an Omaha - Brooklyn based, Cameroonian - American interdisciplinary artist.
He studied painting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
And he draws upon the rich traditions and cultures of Africa, the world, the elephant and living in the United States of America as inspiration.

He often paints on large scale and mainly using spray-paint, mixed media, found and repurposed objects in creating his artwork.

Through painting, Gerard explores migration, memory, the politics borders & identity.

He is also interested in the phenomena of extinction and uses painting as a way to connect, educate and explore ideas with others.

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