Murals by Favio Martinez (Curiot) seen at Hotel Des Arts, San Francisco - Beast
Curiot (Favio Martinez) completed a larger-than-life mural at Hotel Des Arts in San Francisco’s Financial District. It features Curiot’s signature style that alludes to Mexican tradition, with vibrant colors, a mythical beast, and geometric designs.

Meet the Creator

""Curiot (Favio Martinez) was born in Sahuayo, Michoacán. He went to school in California and moved back to Mexico in his twenties. He started drawing in adolescent age, and as he perfected his skills he decided to get a more formal education. As a self-taught artist, he painted for years before he went to the Universidad Michoacana where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts diploma in 2008. Curiot was strongly influenced by his culture and aesthetics. From Aztec prints to sugar skulls, he synchronizes his murals with the lively energy of Mexican folklore. Something powerful and energetic drew him back to Mexico after life in the States. He wanted to explore the symbols and legends and to create his own world of mythical half-human, half animal creatures.""

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