Murals by Denton Burrows seen at The Crying Wolf, Nashville - Crying Wolf ““Man Wolf””
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Item Crying Wolf ““Man Wolf””
Created by Denton Burrows

Crying Wolf ““Man Wolf””

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This mural was created with help from Pabst Blue Ribbon beer on the East Side of Nashville, TN. It is made with spray paint and acrylic paint brush work as well.

Meet the Creator

Denton Burrows

Denton Burrows

New York, NY

"Denton Burrows was born and raised in Manhattan, NY where he is still based. He received his Bachelors Degree in Fine Art at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania where he had the first-ever solo student show. He then went on to The School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan for his Masters in Illustration as Visual Essay. He chose this path, instead of a Fine Arts Masters, to further improve his ability to tell stories and comment on society through his fine art works. He has done professional illustration, but showing in a gallery setting and creating murals are his passions. Connecting with people in person about his work is what matters most. Naturally, the ever changing, high energy organism that is New York City has always been an inspiration first and foremost, but current events, travel, and a general exploration of new experiences and alternative culture fuel his work as well. Denton has been to 49 states and almost two-dozen countries. If a subject is intriguing, fun to draw, complicated, and can allow him to speak his mind visually about our times, then he will find a way to make a work about it, all while maintaining a cohesive style that is all his own. He has embarked upon a life of visual social commentary."

Available for commission/custom work