Created and Sold by Danielle O'Malley

Danielle O'Malley
Murals by Danielle O'Malley at The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco - Run To The Hills

Run To The Hills - Murals

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Danielle O'Malley aka Filthcakes is versed in creating the great female reproductive as the subject for her artworks. For this mural found at The Luggage Store Gallery, she did two flying vagina witches. the created this enchanting mural at The Luggage Store Gallery. They put spells on the prisons, factories, and other structures of oppression, and turns them back into the wild. Her artworks are full of surprise and passion, made with soft, pastel colors.

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Danielle O'Malley
Meet the Creator
"Inspired by folklore, 90’s cartoons, decay, travel, femininity and the occult, my work weaves sugar, spice and everything nice, with trash, filth and decay, to create a world that is equally inviting and perturbed. In doing so, these two concepts mirror each other, feed into one another, and finally become one another. A place where the macabre shines, like light and truth, through sugarcoated illusions, and what was once discarded is rebirthed into nuanced beauty.