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Colette Crutcher
Murals by Colette Crutcher seen at Ocean View Branch Library, San Francisco - Oceanview Library Facade

Oceanview Library Facade

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Collaboration of Colette Crutcher & Mark Roller. Two-panel cast concrete relief sculpture. The panel on the left represents the Oceanview neighborhood’s past and the right panel shows a present/future view. The tree element yields fruit symbolic of the fields of knowledge contained by a library. We used symbols representing the varied languages and cultures of the world.

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Colette Crutcher

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"My career began with painting and printmaking, but my work now covers a broad spectrum, from very large to very small, from public to intensely personal, from abstract to figurative, and across a range of media: painting and drawing, collage, assemblage, paper mache, concrete, ceramic and mosaics.

I hope that a single voice can be distinguished speaking in all of these different tongues.

My public works, mostly mosaics, are concentrated in the Bay Area. I enjoy collaboration, and have worked fruitfully with ceramicist Aileen Barr, and with my painter/sculptor husband, Mark Roller.

I draw inspiration from the great artistic traditions of many cultures, from the artwork and energy of children, and from isolated, quirky individuals mining their own psyches for material. I particularly enjoy the artistic/architectural installations by outsider artists, from Simon Rodia to the Facteur Cheval, that I’ve been lucky enough to visit. I hope my future includes some projects of a similar scale and scope."

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