Murals by CJ Hungerman seen at Private Residence, Asheville - Tesseractory Factory
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Item Tesseractory Factory
Created by CJ Hungerman
As seen in Private Residence, Asheville, NC

Tesseractory Factory

Murals by CJ Hungerman, as seen in Private Residence, Asheville, NC

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The uniqueness of my art is from the successful use of dissonant colors and flat shapes to create the illusion of a 3 dimensional surreal environment. The medley of colors and intermingling shapes represents the diversity of people residing in our communities. Even though the colors and odd shapes should not collectively work together I have found a way to place them side by side successfully rendering them as one harmonious piece. I do this to demonstrate the way all of us can interact with each other as we traverse through the friction of life. The lyrical design, color, or flow of the way humans are constructed is reflected with these shapes and colors. Each person is engineered the same way and surprisingly turns out unique.

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CJ Hungerman

CJ Hungerman

Chicago, IL

I create visual riot

Available for commission/custom work