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Created and Sold by Cayn Sanchez

Cayn Sanchez
Cadavre exquis | Murals by Cayn Sanchez | Art Deal Project in Barcelona
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Cadavre exquis | Murals by Cayn Sanchez | Art Deal Project in Barcelona
Cadavre exquis | Murals by Cayn Sanchez | Art Deal Project in Barcelona

Cadavre exquis - Murals

Featured In Art Deal Project, Barcelona, Spain

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This project is an effort to claim the context of urban art through the intervention of public space. The idea emerged after observing the contradictions of exhibiting this kind of art in a conventional exhibition space. The objective is to redefine the role of these spaces as well as the way we interact with them through the intervention of the ‘Terrain Vague’; a forgotten space of the city, of no use anymore from an institutional point of view, though still of big social value.

Graffiti, is the chosen pictorial technique for this intervention. It is a vandalic artistic practice that is usually performed in the urban space with no associated costs. As such, the inclusion of urban art in a gallery can seem contradictory. Before considering the interest of gallerists and collectors in including Graffiti artwork in their collections; it is first necessary to define these contradictions and also, to claim the context. Urban art context is the street by nature; and, although the activity of an urban artist in a gallery is totally fair, using the word ‘urban’ can, oftentimes, be misleading.

This artwork occurs in two different places: an abandoned space and a conventional exhibition space. In the urban space, parts of the intervention are taken out from their context and are transferred for an exhibition. In each one of the locations, the artwork reveals the nature of the context throughout the dialogue they establish. The final result claims a different use of the place which is free from the strict rule system of public space – “an unused empty space, eager to receive urban actions”… a space for certain anarchy.

Item Cadavre exquis
Created by Cayn Sanchez
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Cayn Sanchez
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
I am Borja ‘Cayn’ Sanchez; a Spanish painter born in 1982. It is through graffiti that I embarked on my artistic research and artistic expression and began painting in the streets of Barcelona in the spring of 1999.
After completing training in illustration at the Higher School of Illustration and Art in Llotja, Barcelona, I obtained a diploma in fine arts from the University of Barcelona in 2015.