Murals by Carly Ealey seen at Chez Pierre Cabaret, Edmonton - Immersed
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Item Immersed
Created by Carly Ealey
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'Immersed' in both thought and water, a female character floats among the jellyfish. She feels the energy of their glowing bodies as they reflect their unique hues back onto her. Created by Carly Ealey, this mural is donning the wall of Chez Pierre Cabaret in Canada.

Meet the Creator

Carly Ealey

Carly Ealey

San Diego, CA

Carly Ealey is a self-taught fine artist, muralist, and photographer based out of San Diego, California. With a natural inclination to painting the familiar figures of women in her work, she is drawn to the seductive and celestial while exploring an introspective view of human existence, spirituality, and the natural world. Carly prefers acrylic ink on wood panels when painting small, and a combination of paint and aerosol when working on large-scale murals. Carly is passionate about the ocean and has participated in and produced mural festivals for Pangeaseed Foundation’s Sea Walls in collaboration with her artist organization, Cohort Collective."

Available for commission/custom work