Created and Sold by Carl Yoshihara

Carl Yoshihara
Murals by Carl Yoshihara seen at Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club, Kapolei - Oahu Wall

Oahu Wall

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This is a digital mural that measures 234" x 54". I was asked to capture and create “local kine stuff” that wasn’t to touristy. It’s vector art so it’s infinitely scalable without the loss of detail.

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Carl Yoshihara

Meet the Creator

I was born in Hiroshima, Japan. My mother survived the bomb and my dad who is from Maui survived Pearl Harbor. Gives you a little perspective.

Being a military brat, I grew up all over the US and overseas. I started high school in Utah and graduated in Okinawa, Japan. California has been home since the late '70s.

I love a medium rare rib-eye steak with a nice glass of red and maybe some garlic mashed potatoes. Although I’m being influenced by my daughter Matisse about being vegetarian. Any ways, I don’t have it for dinner every night. Like my art, I don’t do the same thing everyday. How boring is that?

Life is Art is Life