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Carl Yoshihara
Cascade Deconstructed - Line Series (Corridors) | Murals by Carl Yoshihara | Courtyard by Marriott New York Downtown Manhattan/World Trade Center Area in New York
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Cascade Deconstructed - Line Series (Corridors) - Murals

Featured In Courtyard by Marriott New York Downtown Manhattan/World Trade Center Area, New York, NY

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Made from an artistic mind of Carl Yoshihara, these beautiful and colorful intersection of lines highlight the corridor walls of Courtyard by Marriott New York Downtown Manhattan hotel. Guests at the hotel feel warm and cozy upon seeing this masterpiece.

Note from Carl. This is actually the 2nd of 5 incarnations. The 1st is an oil painting. 2nd, a pixel based from my “Line Series.” 3rd, a textile mill/company, Fil Doux in NYC used the pixel version, but it was to detailed. So the 4th, I created a vectorized version for them. You can get a couch or drapes or other textiles in this pattern. The 5th vector version is a one thousand, 1000 x 1 pixels rectangles. Think “Pick up Sticks” that I individual tossed.

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Carl Yoshihara
Meet the Creator
I was born in Hiroshima, Japan. My mother survived the bomb and my dad who is from Maui survived Pearl Harbor. Gives you a little perspective.

Being a military brat, I grew up all over the US and overseas. I started high school in Utah and graduated in Okinawa, Japan. California has been home since the late '70s.

I love a medium rare rib-eye steak with a nice glass of red and maybe some garlic mashed potatoes. Although I’m being influenced by my daughter Matisse about being vegetarian. Any ways, I don’t have it for dinner every night. Like my art, I don’t do the same thing everyday. How boring is that?

Life is Art is Life