Murals by Brian Tull seen at ACME Hotel Company, Chicago - Mural
Murals by Brian Tull seen at ACME Hotel Company, Chicago - MuralMurals by Brian Tull seen at ACME Hotel Company, Chicago - Mural
The reception area at Chicago's ACME Hotel Company gets a serious splash of welcoming color with this mural by Nashville-based artist Brian Tull. The twelve foot-by-nine-foot abstract piece features the model Lisa Luxe, painted on the original interior brick of the hotel lobby. Tull chose the model because she exudes confidence in celebrating her individuality; not unlike the hotel itself. The mural sets the tone for the entire ACME experience while seamlessly merging the nostalgic with the modern, with an industrial, raw feel. Perfect for this hip boutique hotel.

Meet the Creator

"“Born in 1975, the only option I have to remember the 1930’s through ‘50’s, is through my imagination. I let my mind visit the people, their era, stories and photographs, then I translate my own narrative through painting. Headlights on a two-lane highway, sun rays through trees, trains on a rainy night. They come from small towns and large towns. I see paintings in folk songs from the ‘30’s, passersby on the streets, and in the gospel the preacher talked about on Sunday morning. Ideas for my paintings come from the past and present, from all things nostalgic.

My strategically cropped paintings in oil and acrylic are sometimes confrontational and often feature the female figure as protagonist, giving you a subtle glimpse into the characters’ lives. Usually leaving you wondering what or who is beyond the edges, you might find yourself squinting to see what’s being reflected in the gleaming chrome in some of my pieces. More hints about the setting might be found by studying a car in the painting, or a woman’s dress, shoes, or jewelry; the color of her lipstick.

My paintings are about making the acrylic, oil and brushes work. They’re about me constantly improving technique with an interest in composition, narrative, and technicalities. For you, realize the people and objects in my paintings are real; the stories they tell are up to you. Inspired by life, completed by faith.”"

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