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Ben Cowan
Murals by Ben Cowan seen at Racquet Club of Chicago, Chicago - Real Tennis and Rackets Painting

Real Tennis and Rackets Painting

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Painting commissioned by the Racquet Club of Chicago featuring the games of Real Tennis and Rackets. The dynamic spaces and fast edges of the image reflect the rhythms of watching the game and rich history of the game’s origin.

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Ben Cowan

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"My paintings feature familiar Brooklyn sights cropped, collaged and simplified in order to capture a concentrated experience that refers to the interpersonal and supernatural. Wrought iron gates and architecture are the backgrounds to every glance of Brooklyn’s surroundings. By pairing the open invitation of domestic architecture and firm boundaries of decorative gates, the paintings deliver a sense of promise and denial. A deep space is implied but the depth is fragile. Color, sensuous surface and familiar foliage entice; but, still a longing remains."