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Created and Sold by Anuli Croon

Anuli Croon
CMH_AC_II 2019 | Murals by Anuli Croon | Central Military Hospital (CMH) in Utrecht
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Image credit: Photography: Daria Scagliola
CMH_AC_II 2019 | Murals by Anuli Croon | Central Military Hospital (CMH) in Utrecht
CMH_AC_II 2019 | Murals by Anuli Croon | Central Military Hospital (CMH) in Utrecht
CMH_AC_II 2019 | Murals by Anuli Croon | Central Military Hospital (CMH) in Utrecht

CMH_AC_II 2019 - Murals

Featured In Central Military Hospital (CMH), Utrecht, Netherlands

Work of art in the Central Military Hospital commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Defence.
At the central reception desk of the CMH stands a huge concrete column. Grey concrete, four stories high. Visible from the public space, but also from the four floors, which have a variety of function rooms.
In January 2019 this column was transformed into an eye-catching work of art. All operational units are represented in it and the artwork 'breathes' the core values of both Defence and the CMH.

"The artwork conceived as a fabric that consists of groups of elements; silhouettes of animals representing the character traits of the soldier as mythical animals; godwit, porpoise, fox, owl, harrier, hare, sea otter; the equipment of the different units of Defence; the submarine Walrus, the amphibious transport and landing craft Johan de Witt, the CH-47 Chinook, the Ambu-Boxer armoured vehicle.

The column you see in the central hall predominantly shows a pile of figures representing soldiers from the different units. On another scale, rappelling soldiers can be seen as well as soldiers sitting in an observation post. Ribbons have been used as motifs for a garment. The Dutch Lion is shining on a blue scarf.

The three floors at the back of the column are divided into water, earth and air: equipment of Navy, Army, Air Force and Military Police are placed inside. The entire representation is interwoven with an irregular grid of dark and light quadrangles."

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Anuli Croon
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
constructed identities

Anuli Croon is a visual artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

a b o u t m y w o r k _
Patterns, hands, attitudes, objects, pieces of furniture, colours, gestures, mouths, clothing, hair styles, noses and eyes are disconnected and made autonomous. This way I can cause the elements with their antipodal meanings to move among one another. Contrasts such as stagnation and movement, reflection and stress, the great rhythm and detail are thus brought together.

m a t e r i a l _ t r a n s f o r m a t i o n
I make my paintings as well as my works on paper (including those in copies) with the help of paint rollers, small brushes, Scotch tape, ruler, home-made stencils and stamps. For materials I use gesso, matt acrylic paint, fluorescent paint, metallic paint and crayons.
The handwriting has no touch. The material is framed by tape, stencils and ruler. The texture is matt - except where metallic paint has been applied - and looks more like textile than paint.
This springs from the idea to develop my own imagery from an analytical and detached modus operandi, in which the diversity of my artistic interests can be incorporated.

c o m m i s s i o n s
In addition to my autonomous work in my studio _ paintings and work on paper _ I design in close consultation with the client for the public space in the technology that the situation requires; such as , mural_wall painting, wall-filling textile panels. glass applications/glassappliqué... Each work and each design is unique for the location.

m o n o g r a p h y
Jap Sam Books published the monograph 'Anuli Croon | Life patterns_Life patterns, Made in Rotterdam 1999 - 2015'.