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Created and Sold by Amanda Lutz-Beheshti

Amanda Lutz-Beheshti

Mychal’s Learning Place - Murals

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“Mychal’s Learning Place believes that children and adults with developmental disabilities deserve to be challenged with opportunities that build self-esteem and independence, creating long-term success for life.” Mychal’s provides programs to serve and build just that. This mural, designed and laid out by Amanda Lutz, was painted in collaboration with other volunteers and supporters of Mychal’s, which incorporates their logo and the spirit of this amazing organization.

Item Mychal’s Learning Place
Amanda Lutz-Beheshti
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2017
Amanda Lutz is a Los Angeles muralist, inspired to better the world through positive colorful works of art painted on walls throughout the Los Angeles area.

Having grown up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, she developed a love for art early on, in large part from her father, with memories of exploring the eclectic streets of New Hope, visits to local museums and galleries, and trips to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where she would later work. She studied art at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA, and later moved to Los Angeles where she would work in textiles before painting murals as a career.

Amanda’s portfolio has become a collection of much more than her own personal art. Nearly every project has been a collaborative process, sharing and incorporating ideas, thoughts and intentions from many, and executing it on a wall or given surface with her bright and energetic spin.

Along with her professional work, she has been involved with organizations such as Mychal’s Learning Place and Free Arts for Abused Children where she has had the opportunity to use art as a tool to build self-esteem and independence with students and participants.

Between all the paint strokes though, the most powerful work has been being a mom, and letting little girls see that females can spray paint, create art and drive scissor lifts too. Hand in hand with this is her passion for the environment, which is infused in her work both visually when possible and in the selection and use of materials.

…Looking at a wall, and the potential to lift or enlighten someone’s spirit is so utterly powerful, without the use of even speaking a word…