Murals by Altitude Murals seen at 1720 S Bellaire St, Denver - The Climber
Murals by Altitude Murals seen at 1720 S Bellaire St, Denver - The Climber
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Item The Climber
Created by Altitude Murals
As seen in 1720 S Bellaire St, Denver, CO

The Climber

Murals by Altitude Murals, as seen in 1720 S Bellaire St, Denver, CO

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When Stu Ogilvie of Ogilvie Properties wanted to rebuild and re-brand an old 1970's office building in Denver into TOWER COLORADO he contacted Chris Krieg. Working with frequent art and design collaborator David Conger of David Conger Studio several art mural options were developed for him to consider. The dramatic and tension-filled Free Climber ultimately was chosen because it fit well with the design mission, architecture and challenging dimensions of the wall - 150 feet tall by 40 feet wide. The project sailed through the Denver Arts and Venues mural design review permit process because it was recognized as a celebration of a major outdoor Colorado sport. The Free Climber mural is literally visible for miles and has quickly become a major beloved icon of the Denver skyline.

Meet the Creator

Altitude Murals

Altitude Murals

Denver, CO

Elevating Art

Altitude Murals was created by father and son team Chris and Will Krieg, bringing 45 years of experience with this hand-painted art form few are able to do well.
Chris and Will turn walls and structures into captivating sights whether for unique advertisements or cityscape beautification. Their works are created with an archival process which ensures their long term value.

They are driven by a passion for transforming artwork into large scale murals and wall signs. These works are crafted by Will and Chris, their designers, or outside artists.

Available for commission/custom work