Wooden Light Fixtures

Lighting by Roman and Williams, in The DutchNew York, NY

Lighting by Roman and  Williams seen at The Dutch, New York - Wooden Light Fixtures
The Dutch wanted a fresh take on American Classic design, so they hired Roman and Williams to custom make everything by hand. The New York Times compared their huge wooden light fixtures, to massive pencil tops by Claes Oldenburg.

Meet the Creator

"Firm principals Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch founded Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors in 2002, naming it after their grandfathers. Having worked together for a decade designing sets for significant Hollywood films, the pair took their first steps away from the movie biz when they were asked to design a home in Los Angeles; Roman and Williams was born and the firm hasn't looked back since.

Roman and Williams are interested in spaces and objects that people can truly use and things that genuinely last. They are devoted to rebelling against disposability and the common stereotypes of what it means to be “modern” today."

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