Lighting by Luminosa by Jonathan Baskett seen at Yakampot, Ciudad de México - Perla
This pendant lamp from Mexican lighting design studio Luminosa is inspired by the iridescence of pearls. During the day, its luster reflects the prevailing light conditions. At night, it emits a soft, warm inner glow.

Meet the Creator

"LUMINOSA is dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-quality handmade lighting for the contemporary interior. Our philosophy is quite simple, to create original and lasting interior lighting of the
highest calibre. Our signature is colour and form - strong curvaceous lines and contemporary hues allowing the unique juxtaposition of colour, form and light to illuminate the interior creating a warm and intimate space.

Based in Mexico our methodology is client focused, working directly with architects and designers to assist them in achieving their vision. We believe in the intrinsic value of the handmade object and the personal relation it has with the user. Utilising a combination of modern technology and traditional hand making techniques in materials as diverse as molten glass, hand beaten copper and cast ceramic, our lighting is designed and manufactured to exacting standards and tolerances.

Jonathan Baskett is the creative director of LUMINOSA. His specialisation is lighting and product design, having worked throughout Europe, New Zealand, Australia, USA and Mexico, with artisans, designers and companies in areas as diverse as lighting, jewellery, tableware design and industrial product design. He
returned to Mexico in 2012 specifically to create the company LUMINOSA.

We take pleasure in the relationship we share with our suppliers and clients and value the shared vision, loyalty and dedication to quality. Our design and development are ongoing and our quality control rigorous. Whether one light for your home or a collection for a hotel we think you will appreciate the clean lines and simplicity of LUMINOSA. We hope you enjoy our lighting as much as we enjoy designing and making it."

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