Light Installation

Lighting by Lefty Out There seen at SPiN Chicago, Chicago - Light Installation
Lefty Out There (aka Franco Campanella) created this custom light installation--along with a few other works--for Susan Sarandon’s ping-pong club/restaurant/bar, SPiN Chicago. Campanella made his name doing street art as a teenager, and says, “My theory is that life is everywhere. My lines represent the things that fill the world but are often overlooked by the naked eye. The lines represent my emotions of the moment, thus every piece is one of a kind. My life motto is and always will be: Cover Everything.

Meet the Creator

"“Chicago based artist lefty OUT there (aka Franco Campanella) has been steadily making a name for himself over the past decade. What started as a teenager interested in street art and a penchant for wheat paste developed quickly into some of the most beautiful, intricate patterns across walls all over Chicago. Now you can find Lefty’s art in galleries, fashion, on furniture, and graphic design projects.

He’s gone by the nickname “Lefty” since he was a kid, and added “Out There” to describe his unusual artwork.

Lefty was influenced by music, and there is a parallel analogy between soundwaves and his drawn lines. He does not believe in the existence of unchangeable and strictly defined notions in life. Quite the opposite, he believes in the ever-changing power of natural force. Since objects are in motion, he paints them combining lines, outlines and color. Underneath the sea of lines, there is a whole new world there, faces, people, objects, just like in life – underneath the surface hides the essence.

There are traces of biographical stories in his designs. Events from the past, the relationship he creates and people he meets, they are all caught somewhere in a drawing, during the lengthy process of creation. He leaves pieces of himself all over Chicago. City walls are pages of his personal journal. His design found its place on clothes, walls, and furniture.“"

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