Lighting by Haberdashery seen at 77 Mayfair, London - Semblance - bespoke lighting sculpture
Lighting by Haberdashery seen at 77 Mayfair, London - Semblance - bespoke lighting sculpture
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Item Semblance - bespoke lighting sculpture
Created by Haberdashery

Semblance - bespoke lighting sculpture

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Semblance by Haberdashery is situated in the reception area of the 77 Mayfair development. As one enters the reception area 8000 Borosilicate glass tubes mimic the effect of light breaking around the edge of a cloud. The undulating surface echoes the underside of a cloud canopy, the tip of each tube acting as a light pipe transferring a glow of light to its circular edge like a miniature halo. The sculpture’s lighting programming enhances this effect by following a 24hr sequence based on an astronomical clock, with selected scenes adding subtle changes throughout the day.

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London, United Kingdom

Haberdashery is an award-winning London based design studio focused on the perpetual appeal of light.

We specialize in a poetic approach to lighting. We have a 25+ team qualified in industrial- or product design, engineering, research and product development. We all share a love of light and push ourselves to find new ways to harness it to transform how we perceive space, color and form. Over the past 10+ years, we have circumnavigated the world, delivering more than 450 projects, installing our work in over 30 countries in locations that are diverse, challenging and unique. Haberdashery’s portfolio consists out of three bodies of work: products, sculptures and collectibles. In all three we invite people into the world of haberdashery transforming our familiar surroundings using light as a poetic language of expression.

Available for commission/custom work