Lighting by CINIER seen at Le Notre Dame Café, Rungis - Cinier Sculptural LT
Lighting by CINIER seen at Le Notre Dame Café, Rungis - Cinier Sculptural LT

Cinier Sculptural LT


Led luminaire with white Olycale® stone sculpture.

Dimension: H104 cm x W42 cm.
White LEDs (3000K* or 4000K*)
Power consumption LEDs 70 W maximum. Lighting power from 0 to 5400 Lumens.
Weight: 10.50 kg.
White LEDs + RGB colors
Power consumption LEDs 100 W maximum. Lighting power from 3000 to 3700 Lumens.
Weight: 10.90 kg.
Option: White or black steel frame. Realizable in RGB version (change of color of the LEDs).
Other custom colors.
Made in France.

Consisting of 600 high-power LEDs, Cinier LT provides powerful indirect lighting with a unique design. For the same output, LT LED products offer an additional 75% energy saving compared to a standard lighting fixture.
The color option RGB: a 9-way colour configuration to create personalized mood light effects not only for the eye but also for the mind.
CE: warm while 3000K, neutral white 4000K. 24V transformer, driver, and remote control included. Voltage: 100V to 277V. CE/UL norms for the transformer.
The remote control delivered with 100% white models commands both the frame light and the bracket light. A switch is required for all the RGB frame models to command the LED light of the bracket. The remote-control commands only the colour mix of the frame.
Two frame options: white lighting frame and black lighting frame.

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