Lighting by Cerno, as seen in Private Residence, CA, CA

Lighting by Cerno seen at Private Residence - Plura Flush Mount Light
Image credit: Erika Bierman

Plura Flush Mount Light

California Bungalow features our Plura flush mount light— a versatile fixture that has a graphic, sophisticated feel.
inPrivate Residence, CA, CA

Meet the Creator

At Cerno, we design and build original products in California. To make this possible, we advocate for creativity and ingenuity in every step of the process. Our philosophy is grounded in the utmost respect for the materials, craftsmanship, and our team that brings these products to life.

Our aesthetic foundation lies in marrying modernism and contemporary design.

Designing, prototyping, and building under one roof allows our team to deliver an authentic and well-crafted product. Each unique design feature has intention and every solution is reached with the whole product and process in mind.