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Created and Sold by Gantri

Arco by Arielle Pollock | Lamps by Gantri

Arco by Arielle Pollock - Lamps

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Designer Arielle Pollock loves nature’s rough beauty. She is captivated by “organic forms mixed with thick, bold, and harsh lines.” This light was inspired by the crystals of a geode she saw. She incorporated the crystal’s angular structure, raw grace, and intriguing texture.

Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
Gantri's mission is to empower creativity.

Creativity is what makes us human. We believe nothing should stand in its way — which is why we’ve completely rethought the way design products are created, produced and sold.

Gantri’s advanced design and manufacturing technology enables designers to create original, high-quality products, and gives design lovers easy access to their work. Starting with lighting, Gantri is making it possible for everyone to enjoy a world of original, sustainably-made designer pieces.