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Lamps by Dion Antony Artisan seen at The Slow - DESK LAMP/Ancient Camel Pelvis/24ct Gold

DESK LAMP/Ancient Camel Pelvis/24ct Gold

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The juxtaposition of 24ct gold and natural bone complement one another perfectly in this luxurious lamp. Crafted from an ancient camel pelvic bone that was found in the south of France, it most likely originated in North Africa (given several of the surrounding countries are former French colonies). It is gilded with 24ct gold and sheds a beautiful, soft light.
The bone is professionally cleaned to museum grade standard (a three-month process) and is finished in a clear matte coat for protection from dust and fingerprints. The gold is finished with three coats of shellac. A rare, antique brass and marble base compliments this piece perfectly.

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