Created and Sold by Ardoma Creations by Dror Kaspi

Ardoma Creations by Dror Kaspi
Lamps by Ardoma Creations by Dror Kaspi seen at Private Residence, Tel Aviv-Yafo - Caterpillar Lamp

Caterpillar Lamp

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Our Caterpillar lamp is an example of how the multiplication of a basic spherical shape can give life to an object with a clean and minimalistic aesthetics. The soft touch of colors gives each piece a unique character.

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Ardoma Creations by Dror Kaspi

Meet the Creator

Ardoma studio designs and manufactures high-end concrete light fixtures.

Founded in 2015 by designer Dror Kaspi, the studio dedicates its work to the investigation of visual harmony and ways of establishing it through the use of contrasting elements.

The binding of rigid and soft, bright and dark, masculine and feminine, straight and curved, robust and fragile. Contrasts are the tools and harmony is the objective.

We chose concrete, the liquid stone, as a representative material for this quest. This is a rigid and cold material that, when properly mastered, can magically enhance the environment in which it is placed, blend in and mesmerize with its ability to be gentle.

In order to provide the concrete with these characteristics, we developed a special concrete mix, designated for our light fixtures, that significantly embetters the performance, appearance and touch of the material over conventional concrete.

Our products are a result of constant refinement of the design from concept to realization. The juxtaposition of lines, colors and materials is being carefully balanced until reaching the point where all visual and tangible elements are perfectly aligned.

This is our way of establishing quality and aesthetics as the center pillars of our work.

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