Lamps by ILANEL Design Studio seen at ILANEL DESIGN STUDIO, St Kilda - Saturn Table Lamp
Lamps by ILANEL Design Studio seen at ILANEL DESIGN STUDIO, St Kilda - Saturn Table Lamp
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Item Saturn Table Lamp

Starts at US$446

Custom options available, ask the creator for customization.
Creation time: 4-8 weeks
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Saturn is inspired by the planet of the same name with its surrounding rings. It is handmade with FSC solid timber, carefully selected by its characteristic wood grain. This cosmic lamp features a central faceted acrylic ring, through which a ring of light is projected onto its surrounding. This interactive lamp rests on a timber base which allows Saturn to be moved in various positions, directing the light wherever desired.

Saturn is available in various finishes: Natural, Walnut, Lime White, Onyx, Olive, Aqua, and Terra.

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ILANEL Design Studio

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ILANEL Design Studio

Melbourne, Australia

ILANEL is a Melbourne based creative studio, whose design objects combine artistic values, aesthetics and quality.

Luminaire design goes beyond the hard, static materiality of object design, exploring the illuminating, experiential properties of light as it emanates, diffuses and dances around the room. With the ability to highlight, shift mood, create ambience and have a strong presence as a design object in its own right, lighting is the ultimate design challenge.

ILANEL™ Design Studio was founded in 2010 by Ilan El, a Melbourne based multidisciplinary designer who works with his team to create original products and custom designs by hand from his Melbourne atelier. Experiential lighting is ILAN’s passion and his products illuminate spaces around the world, from large-scale hospitality projects to custom one-off residential designs.

Making visions come to light. ILANEL team work closely with architects, interior designers and homeowners and tailor lighting solutions to every project, including custom and one-off designs.

Available for commission/custom work