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Wann lounge | Interior Design by Various Associates | Shenzhen Bay Park in Shenzhen
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Wann lounge - Interior Design

Featured In Shenzhen Bay Park, Shenzhen, China

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The large glass pivot door and the pieces of dark black planks along both sides of the walls bring a sense of mystery and different experience to the deep entrance. Wann will display art works on the corridor walls, creating an interesting gallery corridor for visitors to enjoy and select.

The red glass display reflects the subtle light with the change of natural light, affects the tone of the end of the corridor, also shows great intensity of contrast between day and night. By combining landscape and material, the reflection tells the beauty of artificial and nature.

The floor height varies according to the different area, separates by the terrazzo seating. The higher one is the lounge area, characterized be a piece of dark red glass, which is a wonderful background wall with the cigar room lighting filtered through, and reflecting the beautiful scenery of Shenzhen Bay Park.

A dozen meters long continuous dark red glass as the background of the bar area, bringing the enthusiasm of red to the space. On the back of it is the VIP room, with the special attribute of the material, low-key hidden behind the glass in another space.

The combination of red color and wood , mixed and matched with a little metallic texture nowhere not demonstrate a calm sense of high-class, a new and different kind of contemporary luxury. The room is surrounded by the language of red, from the color of glass to the paintings on walls, interacting with the feature of outside areas. The ceiling is not only designed for aesthetic feeling but also acts on reducing noise.

Differently from most of the ceiling, the design for Wann keeps the origin structure of the beams and wrap it with metal plates in order to enhance the sense of space, as well as highlighting the luxurious sense of space.

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