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Created and Sold by Tim van Caubergh

Tim van Caubergh
MOMENTUM flowing screens | Interior Design by Tim van Caubergh | Utrecht Community (UCo) in Utrecht
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Image credit: Raf Celis, Huis Twaalf

MOMENTUM flowing screens - Interior Design

Featured In Utrecht Community (UCo), Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht Community (UCo) is a sustainable community with 1800m2 of work, workshop and consultation space in a sustainably renovated monumental train workshop. UCo offers space to 150 entrepreneurs with various disciplines. Both separately and together they deploy their expertise for a more sustainable world. To respect the monumental heritage in the design of the interior I searched for a form concept that would not compete with the historic architecture, yet would be powerful enough to complement the building. The 5-meter high slatted wooden walls flow around the various conference rooms. The walls curve open to allow a large staircase, that doubles as stands, to push out through the wall. The wood brings warmth into the steel, stone and concrete industrial space. The slatted wooden walls flow around the transparent building, curving up when an entrance is required and curving down where privacy is preferred.
A wall of angled slats is always interesting because you can look through it from one angle but not from the other. As you walk past such a wall it seems to move; it seems to open or close, even if the slats are static. To give this design an extra 'twist' each slat literary twists 90 degrees from top to bottom making each slat a double curved surface. Now the wall is closed below and open above or vice versa, making that experience of a dynamic, moving wall even stronger.

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Tim van Caubergh
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Organic Architecture & Furniture. Steam bent, laminated & sculpted shapes inspired by nature. Artistic & Functional.

Tim's work field moves between architecture, art and craft. In his Utrecht based studio he designs and builds bespoke interiors and high-end wooden furniture. Tim has a great fascination for the ways in which nature constructs itself. It has led him to design pieces inspired by natural growth forms and phenomena such as the wind, currents in water or the flight of birds.
To push the boundaries of what is possible with wood, he uses steam bending and laminating techniques. His pieces go far beyond the functional and become Art.