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Interior Design by Studio DOTCOF seen at Chengdu, Chengdu - "Working under the same roof" - Qin Group Chengdu Office
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"Working under the same roof" - Qin Group Chengdu Office

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The client, “Qin Group” is an advertising agency platform, who providing full industry chain service in West China. They are our old client; we designed their head office in Chongqing 4 years ago. This time, they invited us to design their new branch office in Chengdu.

The existing site condition is severe. The space they rent are two adjacent independent spaces, been divided into the left part and the right part by a thick wall, and they can only be connected by an external corridor. The space appears as a long rectangular shape with narrow width and very deep length, natural lighting in the central area is quite dark. Besides, the distance between overhead beams is crowded, and the clear height underneath the beam is low, only 2.6 meters, making people feel a little bit repression.

We bring the concept of“working under the same roof”, as the metaphor of different work teams to coordinate and grow based on the group platform. We designed many white tube-arch-shape ceiling-boards, to form the image of “the big roof”. The stripe light illuminated the ceiling-boards from below, guiding the light to reflect downward, creating a bright, gentle, and dispersive lighting atmosphere. The tube-arch hided the mussy pipelines above, and it curved slightly upward, letting people’s perception ignore of the impact of low beam height. In order to further strengthen the connectivity between the left and right spaces, we placed mirrors on the upper part of all the walls, to make the space and “the big roof” continues visually.

The thick wall, which divides these two spaces, is also been break through, within the maximum limits allowed by the building code, been replaced with fire-proof roll screen. People thus can walk freely between two sides. The layout of all the work desks also continues this horizontal shape, connecting the left and right.

Project Name: Qin Group Chengdu Branch Office
Client: Qin Group
Client Project Team: Dongyu Li, Yao Chen, Jin Luo
Designer: Studio DOTCOF
Design Team: Xi Chen, Haolai Zhuang, Rong Li, Lan Lan
MEP Designer: Mu Li, Maoqian Lang
Contractor: Sichuan Fangshengxinfeng Building Construction ltd. Pty
GFA: 680m2
Completion Date: 2021.02
Photographer: Arch-Exist
Main Materials: mirror, stainless steel board, self-leveling concrete, white cement board, wood-laminate board, gravel

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