Interior Design by Sivak+Partners seen at Odessa Oblast - Interior Design
Interior Design by Sivak+Partners seen at Odessa Oblast - Interior Design
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Item Interior Design
Created by Sivak+Partners
As seen in Odessa Oblast, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine

Interior Design

Interior Design by Sivak+Partners, as seen in Odessa Oblast, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine

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Good coffee is part of a good city.

“Daily” is a place where people meet every day to drink coffee, talk and just have a good time.

There are two halls in the coffee shop. The first in bright colors, where all the fun happens.

The second room with a chamber atmosphere, where you can retire with a book and a cup of coffee, spend time in the company of friends on the couch or at a table for two.

The mood in a coffee house is reminiscent of a Hollywood movie to many people - you can’t look out of nowhere, the feeling that the director shows people’s interaction in a relaxed atmosphere, a piece of happiness.

This is not just a coffee shop, but an urban space. Once every two weeks there is a “breakfast with an interesting person”, where the invited speaker shares useful and inspiring information with the guests of the coffee shop.

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Odessa Oblast, Ukraine

We design offices that increase team productivity. We launch restaurants and commercial facilities, whose design attracts customers and increases the price tag. We build houses that are inherited.

Our offices are in Kiev and Odessa, and projects are being built in a dozen countries. We work with private and corporate clients. Equally, we love to design residential buildings with apartments and offices, cafes, restaurants, hotels. We are interested in any bold and new tasks.

With poor workers, the client is immersed in all issues and at the end of the construction site knows what the Ceresit CM-11 and laser level are. Therefore, we offer you our builders, whom people carefully hand over from hand to hand only to friends. You will continue to do your favorite thing without being distracted by the interior, and we will create a space for you, after which you want to remain our client for life.

Available for commission/custom work