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Curvature Collection | Interior Design by Margo Selby

Curvature Collection - Interior Design

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For the Curvature Collection, the Margo Selby studio worked closely with Casa Botelho on a brief which took inspiration from the architectural designs and tiles of Oscar Niemyer.

The project uses Margo Selby’s expertise in pattern design to help form an identity in cloth for Casa Botelho, and encompasses geometric, tessellating patterns made from interlocking shapes in a strong, graphic palette.

The partnership is a mutually symbiotic union between a texturally artistic weaver and a symmetrically-obsessed, Brazilian-born designer.

Consisting of three geometric-patterned weaves named after various places in Brazil – Rio, Belo and Brasilia, each design has been produced in two finishes for with a silky feel for soft furnishings and an upholstery weight.

Following the successful launch of the Curvature Collection our partners at Casa Botelho have moved the project forward again with a collaboration with Belgium-based, seating designers, Marie’s Corner.

This new collaboration sees the upholstery of the three distinctive Curvature fabrics; Brasilia, Belo and Rio on four pieces of Marie’s Corners’ newest designs; the Baker armchair, Alvin Pouf, Ritchie lounge chair, and Sonoma curved armchair.

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Margo Selby
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Margo Selby Studio is focused on pushing the boundaries of weaving to create beautifully crafted, contemporary fabrics for a range of textile applications. Handweaving is at the heart of everything we do, from Margo's individual artworks through to our commercially woven fabrics. Our designs are recognisable for their complex structure, striking colour and geometric pattern.