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Margo Selby
Osborne & Little - Memphis Collection | Interior Design by Margo Selby | London in London

Osborne & Little - Memphis Collection - Interior Design

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The Memphis collection brings together a diverse range of woven fabrics designed in partnership with Osborne & Little.

Woven textiles are central to our product development, and the collection is focused on working with specialist weaving mills to create high durability fabrics, whilst retaining the luxurious and decorative feel intrinsically linked to Margo’s distinctive designs.

In addition to geometric patterns the collection also introduces two stripe designs. Although relatively new to our fabric collections, designing stripes has always been part of the design development when planning woven textiles. The ‘Supreme’ and ‘Valli’ stripe celebrate these stripes in their own right.

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Margo Selby
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Margo Selby Studio is focused on pushing the boundaries of weaving to create beautifully crafted, contemporary fabrics for a range of textile applications. Handweaving is at the heart of everything we do, from Margo's individual artworks through to our commercially woven fabrics. Our designs are recognisable for their complex structure, striking colour and geometric pattern.