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House Refurbishment | Interior Design by Ian McChesney

House Refurbishment - Interior Design

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House Refurbishment, 2011
Burbage Road, Dulwich

Rear extension to a Victorian house on Burbage, Dulwich. Including a modern kitchen dining area, sliding folding doors, utility room and external terrace area.

The rear addition is modest in its materials and method of construction, but a striking internal space is provided lit from above by two large glazed rooflights. The insertion of a new steel frame allowed existing loadbearing walls to be removed and the space extended to create a new large open-plan space. A sliding folding door unit was installed creating an open aspect onto a new patio to the side of the extension. A new concrete floor was laid throughout complete with underfloor heating. A simple off-the-shelf kitchen was installed with bespoke Corian worktops.

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