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Interior Design by Haeccity Studio Architecture seen at Paragon Tea Room, Vancouver - Paragon Tea Room

Paragon Tea Room

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Paragon Tea Room was completed, as a complementary addition to an existing café along Vancouver’s Cambie Corridor. The tearoom is the first of its kind, introducing the newest technology in tea brewing to the city.

Teaspresso mimics the same methodology of espresso making by extracting the essence of tea and delivering a delicately finessed cup with efficiency. Exploring this new product was imperative to the architectural design process, entailing a long first phase of research with many design rounds to understand exactly what the team was designing for. They worked in proximity with the graphic designer to achieve a space that would be coherent with the branding as well as the product.

The visual concept for Paragon Tea Room is inspired by the Zen qualities of tea culture - warm, natural earth tones are conveyed with the use of bamboo plywood, juxtaposed with dark green tile against a black backdrop. These notes are balanced with contemporary cues such as white quartz and copper.

This design context was particular in that we were working to build a space existing within another. It was important to allude to the neighbouring café by applying the same dimensional rules to keep the same datum lines along the interior space. For contrast, we used different materials and shapes.

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